september, 2022

wed07sepAll Day30th of Imam Husayn (`a.s.) and Martyrdom of Sayyida Sakina (10 Safar)1444 A.HShia Calendar Categories:Shahadat


Commemorating the 30th of Imam Husayn (a.s.).As we mark the 30th day after the tragic events of Kerbala, we are once again transported to those days in the year 61 AH when the caravan of the Ahlul Bait were being paraded from city to city.After the massacre on the plains of Iraq, the lady folk and the remaining male members of the family were brought to Kufah. Following this ‘short’ trip, the longer and painful journey towards Shaam (Syria) began Рa trip so difficult that when the 4th Imam was asked of what had occurred during this entire process and what the most difficult thing was to bear, he cried out, Ash-Shaam

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