Due to our growing number of members at Jaffari Center, all personal events like Weddings, Birthdays, Bismillah’s, etc.. will have to be booked ahead of time in order to avoid conflicts in event planning. After booking is confirmed, the name and date will be posted to the event calendar to show your event has been booked at the Jaffari Center facility. All the fields in the form below are not required, please follow the instructions below:


Step 1) Check the Jaffari Event Calendar to make sure the date you wish to book is available and also check the Islamic Hijr Calendar to make sure there is no conflicts with Shahdat’s/Wiladats.

Step 2) Fill out the form below including Your Name, Contact Email, Event Title, Date, and Event Description. All the other fields are not required, you can leave those blank. Optionally you can include a event image, like a wedding invitation image.

Step 3) Click the Check and Submit button, after your event has been approved it will show up on the Jaffari Event Calendar