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Notifications on the Jaffari App!

Going forward, you will NOT get TXT messages anymore from 404-04(Twitter) as you may of noticed lately. Twitter has shut down their mobile TXT messaging feature that we have been using for instant mobile communications.

Therefore we have updated the Jaffari App to send notification messages and we will now use that going forward for all mobile communications. We have also added a feature for Azan notifications according to our time in Atlanta that you can optionally turn on. In addition to the notification system, we have updated/added some other Jaffari App features as well including a better Twitter view (to view all past notifications), Event Calendar, YouTube videos, view Jaffari E-mails, and the new Donate option all within the Jaffari App.

Please make sure to update the Jaffari App from the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android to start receiving notifications.
Click here to see how some sample notifications will look like on your phone.

Some How To’s:

Allow Notifications

When you first install the Jaffari App, make sure to Allow notifications. If you are updating the app from the old version and already had Notifications turned on, you will not have to do anything but recommend to turn on Banner Style to ‘Persistent’ so you don’t miss a notification.
For additional help to get it setup or troubleshooting click the following links depending on your phone.

For iOS(iPhone) help click here

For Android help click here

How to Turn on Azan/Namaz Notifications

If you want to turn on all 3 (Fajr, Zhur, Maghrib) Azan notifications then go to
Jaffari App ->Settings-> Press “Turn ON ALL Namaz Notifications” (see below)

You can also Turn ON or OFF individual Azan notifications (see below)

NOTE: The notification for Azan/Namaz timings are a general guideline, use precaution (+/-3 minutes just like the calendar)

Also Note: This is just an Azan REMINDER and it will only play 30 seconds of the AZAN not the full AZAN (this is a limitation Apple sets for audio notifications) For Android, the Azan audio will not play for the time being (look for a future update for that)

Apple Watch

If you have a Apple Watch, the Jaffari App notifications will look like this!